• A new Active Living Condo in the heart of Mount Pearl
  • To build a community, nurture the one already there

What are the Facts?

In early April of this year, Gibraltar Development Limited distributed a brochure and held a public meeting to present our plans for Glendale Gardens Suites. This 60-unit, adult-living condominium on Glendale Avenue will set a new standard for amenities for condos in Newfoundland and Labrador, with such features as:

  • a movie theatre and games room.
  • a state-of-the-art gym.
  • a hobby/woodworking room.
  • underground parking.
  • a high-tech security system and live-in superintendent.
  • social and party rooms and other amenities.

What Happens Next?

The City held a public hearing on December 10 to gather final input from the public, and the appointed Commissioner submitted his report to Council on December 18. The City then approved the zoning changes in a January Council meeting. The amendments are now being registered with the provincial government and published in the Newfoundland Gazette, after which the actual development proposal will be reviewed by City Council and a final decision made.

Twelve private consulting and technical firms have provided reports since the development was first proposed, and their findings showed the project to be very positive for Mount Pearl. To summarize the main points:

How tall will the building be?

Projected rooflines of Glendale Gardens
The development will not obstruct views or create privacy issues, or even be as high as an existing home just a few doors away. (Click to view larger image)

From Glendale Avenue, most of the building will be two stories high, but to accommodate the downward slope of the lot, the section closer to Park Avenue will be three stories high. The land also slopes downward as it goes toward the back, similar to many properties with a basement apartment that is totally underground in the front of the house but fully above ground in the back. The two slopes may create some confusion since, in a diagram of the right rear corner of the building, the building appears taller where the ground is lowest. From the front though, it is indeed a two-storey building for about two thirds of its length, and a three-storey for the remaining third, where the slope of the land goes down.

As can be seen in the photo taken from Marlin Drive, across the Waterford River, the development will not obstruct views or create privacy issues. In fact, due to the incline of Glendale Avenue, the building will not even be as high as an existing home just a few doors away.

How will the development affect water and sewer systems and stormwater drainage?

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